Business Intelligence Sytems, LLC
A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Information is crucial to success for most businesses in today’s world. Using the data and information stored in various formats such as Access, MS SQL, and Oracle Databases, Excel Spreadsheets and text files is a major challenge for most organizations. Many businesses either do not collect the data they need to make sound business decisions or they do not know how to access the data they have. 

Business Intelligence Systems can help your business more effectively manage its data and use that data to its advantage. We will help collect and organize the data so that it provides the information you need when you need it.


BIS also offers consulting services in pharmacy automation. As the President of BIS, I have over 19 years of experience with pharmacy automation software and equipment. I have worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs Consolidated Mail OutPatient Pharmacy (CMOP) from its inception until my retirement from the DVA in 2011.


During my tenure with the DVA CMOP, I worked as a software developer, solutions architect, database administrator and project manager. I was the chief architect for the CMOP’s consolidation of databases into one central database system and the project manager and architect who designed the current interfaces that allow the Department of Defense and Indian Health Services pharmacies to connect to the DVA CMOP systems.


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